About  Us


– 3D printing Services.

– 3D printer and Accessory sales.

 – Project assistance.

– Mechanical Design.

– Architectural Design.

– Cost control center.



Started in 2015

Contact Info

E-mail : jazwa3dprinting@gmail.com

Mobile : 01009467790 – 01011949217

Main Office

Area No. 44 , Building No. 101 , 2nd floor,  Besides to Al Mashtoly – Misr Al Nour Road 

Long story short

Jazwa is a team of youth Engineers. They struggle under unfair circumstances related with work in Egypt.
These circumstances motivated them to build their company to use their expertise,education and ideas.

Jazwa Started in 2015. Also the name of the company is Arabic totally and from Holly Quran which returned to Prophet Mousa when he was searched for light to keep his family safe and warm in the desert as We also want.

Sometimes we achieve a great success and others we fall ,but we keep forward and continue our way.

We present special offers for Researchers and Students. We plan to have multiple companies in different fields to be a leading organization. We transfer our knowledge to help others and happy for that.

We have all the right tools, let us Help You

Our Team

Hazem M. Abdul-Gawad

President, CEO, Mechanical Engineer


Mervat M. Abdul-Gawad

Co-Founder, Electrical Engineer


Hamza M. Abdul-Baqi

Co-Founder, Architecture Engineer


Egypt, 10th of Ramadan City
Area No. 44 , Building No. 101 , 2nd floor,  Besides to Al Mashtoly – Misr Al Nour Road

E-mail : jazwa3dprinting@gmail.com


Mobile : +20100 9467790
+20101 1949217