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Our Work

Specialist Team in designing and executing your 3D designs
and convert them to your desired product with highly accuracy dimensions ..
– We highly recommend researchers and students to contact us to enjoy our discount reaches to 50% 
just send their personal ID to provide them with special offers.


If you like what we do and want to know more

– We provide services for Companies need to make models in exhibition or models before making their molds.
as it’s very important step that preventing your company to lose a lot of money.
– We provide rarely plastic and metallic spare parts with a perfect efficiency and a suitable cost.
– We provide design models then professional print for them and cut them with laser machines as well

What our customers say


The finish was perfect, the least 3D printing price I have seen in Egypt having a gentle customer service with very experienced engineers, only the delivery location was about 60km away from home that took me a day to receive it so if they can change their delivery location it would be great 🙂

Ahmed Ismail |Application Engineer , Integreight Company

Very skilled & Professional Work. Great Communications. I wish them Bright Future

Operation Manager | Experts of CAD CAM CAE

تجربة ممتازة وان شاء الله بداية تعامل كتير مع مكتبكم المحترم شاكر حسن تعاونكم وسرعة استجابتكم

Student I Faculty of Computer And Information Science, Ain Shams University.

Egypt, 10th of Ramadan City
Area No. 44 , Building No. 101 , 2nd floor,  Besides to Al Mashtoly – Misr Al Nour Road.




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